Xero never stops surprising us with the new features and benefits for their new and existing customers. Hubdoc is one of the most successful introductions in 2020 and for 2021 it is Analytics Plus.

Xero has released Analytics Plus a new suite of planning and forecasting tools.

Some features of Xero Analytics Plus include:

1. Projection of bank balance 30, 60 & 90 days in the future for better visibility of cash flow
2. Prediction of future recurring transactions in short-term cash flow
3. We can add or remove transactions to make certain changes that might affect the cash position
4. Quick business performance analysis by customizing the date and account codes
5. We can see the transactions to see how the amounts have arrived at a particular prediction

Add more value to your existing Xero plan:

The tools in Analytics also have a few features that add even more value to your Xero plan.

1. Just one click in the short-term flow graph to view the cash going in or out that day
2. We can group the cash flow projections by day, week, and month.
3. We can view the invoices and bills in a summary or in a different view
4. We can view the scheduled repeating bills and invoices in the dashboard
5. We can view the business snapshot data on a cash basis or accrual basis

Starter, Standard, or Premium plan subscribers can try Analytics Plus for free until 31st January 2022.

The standard pricing will apply from 01st February 2022.


Business Snapshot


 Analytics Analytics Plus
Get a summary of key financial information such as revenue and expense trends Available Available
Print the dashboard or save it as a PDF Available Available
Choose set reporting date ranges (eg. Last month or last quarter) Available Available
Run the dashboard on either a cash or accrual basis Available Available
Choose custom reporting date ranges —— Available
Select which accounts are included in the dashboard calculations —— Available
Drill down into a metric to see the underlying financial transactions —— Available



Short Term Cashflow


Analytics Analytics Plus
See future cash flow based on existing upcoming invoices and bills Available Available
See the impact of scheduled repeating invoices and bills Available Available
Project cash flow for the next 7 or 30 days Available Available
Project cash flow for the next 60 or 90 days —— Available
Include or exclude predicted recurring cash transactions based on your spend and receive Money history —— Available
Add one-off amounts to the dashboard to see the impact on Cash flow —— Available