VICTORIA – Payroll Tax Deferral & Additional Funding to Universities

  • Universities to be given more time to pay the existing payroll tax deferrals granted in 2020.
  • A further deferral for 2021-22 will also be granted.
  • The above-deferred payments are to be paid in 2 installments in 2024.


TASMANIA – Increased Business Support Package

  • The existing Business Support Package is increased from $20 Million to $50 Million.
  • Businesses are eligible for grants up to $50K across 2 funding rounds.
  • In addition to the above, relief worth $20 Million will be provided in the form of waiver of fees, payroll tax, and vehicle registration, etc.


SOUTH AUSTRALIA – COVID 19 Support Measures

Grant Eligibility Criteria
Tourism & Hospitality Support Grant

a. Businesses in the tourism & hospitality sectors who have already received the ‘Additional Business Support Grant’ are eligible.

b. The amount of grant ranges from $1K to $2K depending on the turnover.

Business Hardship Grant

a. $6K for employing businesses with annual payroll < $10 Million.

b. $2K for non – employing businesses who have experienced a 50% reduction in turnover during the eligible period and haven’t been eligible for previous grant.

Major Events Support Grant

a. Up to $100K for large canceled or postponed events where the attendees are expected to be > 10K.


ACT – COVID 19 Support Measures

Grant Eligibility Criteria
Business Grant Extension

a. $10K for employing businesses.

b. $3,750 for non – employing businesses.

c. Eligible for businesses significantly impacted by health restrictions.

Tourism, Accommodation provider,
Arts & Events and Hospitality Grant

a. One off grant with amount determined based on the turnover.


QLD & NSW Border – COVID 19 Business Support Measures

Grant Eligibility Criteria
Tourism & Hospitality Sector Hardship Program

a. One off grant of $15K, $25K & $50K for small, medium & large employing business.

b. To be eligible, the businesses must have experienced a turnover reduction of at least 70% for at least 7 consecutive days between 1st July 2021 and 30th September 2021.

Hardship Scheme

a. One off grant of $5K for employing businesses.

b. One of grant of $1K for non – employing sole traders in the event of extended border closure.


Income in disguise as Gifts/Loans

  • The ATO has issued a taxpayer alert expressing concerns where Australian resident taxpayers fail to declare offshore Capital Gains in their Australian Income Tax Return.
  • The ATO is keen on using its exchange of information powers to gather information from other countries.