For more than 12 years, Carisma has delivered comprehensive accounting services in the countries of Australia & New Zealand. Our 360° services are delivered by a team of world-class accounting professionals with passion to delight clients.

Center Of Excellence

Our Center of excellence for accounting is fostered to develop skills and best practices in accounting. The CEO develop solutions to increase productivity and security for knowledge process outsourcing in the field of accounting. Our client relationship management framework helps build strategic business alignment and long term partnership with clients.

Today, Carisma offers the following world class services


Carisma is made of world-class accounting and cost-management professionals working out of our modern well-equipped office.

Infrastructure highlights

  • Expert utilization of dedicated accounting softwares like BGL, Desktop Super, Class Super, Supermate, Praemium, MYOB AO, MYOB AE, XPA, SOL6, HandiLedger, Banklink, MYOB Live & XERO.
  • Video/Audio - conferencing facility.
  • 24 x 7 security - Compliance with ISO 27001:2005.
  • Dedicated fiber optic internet connection.
  • Works manager - Dedicated client software for job tracking and MIS.